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Post by Pooka on Sun May 01, 2016 11:56 am

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Setting. A month after Maurynneth's third Flight at Western.
Place. Southern Isles Weyrhold section of Western Weyr, Hatching Sands.
Notes. Title inspiration found .:. here .:.





The place better be on fire, Maur.

I thought you liked mornings.

She had her there...even if calling it 'morning' was cutting it fine. Which it was, considering peeking out from the darkness that was being teddy-cuddled to death by her weyrmate only brought about more darkness, if the kind that came in the pre-dawn gloom. And even that was pushing the trundle bug's good will, from where she was lying.

Sigh. It was the sharding pregnancy. She had been a morning person, but as the baby had begun to grow, so too had her desire to sleep where, when and whichever moment the opportunity to present itself showed up. And she still had five and a half months to go. Even if Sharah had told her it was normal, and it would...somehow get better as she went into the next trimester...yeah.

Sigh. Well I'm awake now...

Come see me.

Riza paused, though that was as much a case of not wanting to wake T'skal as realising, through the crack between curtain and wall, that Maurynneth was not in her weyr despite her invitation. Or the far more likely not moving so suddenly she'd end up completely incapable of escaping at all..where T'skal was concerned, anyway. Eventually though, she managed, scooting and wriggling her way out of his embrace. After that, it was a matter of quickly pulling on the first clean pair of pants she could find that wasn't likely to asphyxiate her via her womb [easy enough, her favorite night pair was lying over a chair] and the first jacket she spotted [T'skal's, unfortunately for him], and then she was out in the cool air.

Shards Maurynneth, why? Pre-dawn gloom was exactly what it was -- the dawn a bare sliver of red on the horizon, and even in the warmth of her mate's jacket, Riza shivered a little, glancing up at Golgameth dozing on his ledge and wondering, not for the first time, how the dragons managed. Then again, considering they went between frequently...

Come, Mine! The low voice was now gay with good humour, though a note of impatience too.

Riza glanced up at the star lit sky directly above her, her eyes drawn slowly down to the wide cliff that doubled as a Rim and a watch point--

Hatching Grounds, silly. You could have asked.

You could have told me. It's not like I can feel you laying these days; I've got my own lower back aches to worry about was the sullen retort, though even that couldn't eclipse the thrill, the one that never went away no matter how many clutches her Queen laid. Though usually, Riza thought with a silent grumble as she picked her way across the sandy green, she was at least kind enough usually to let Riza sleep if she did choose to begin clutching at an inconvenient time.

I have let you sleep. But only because Rakorth and His kept me company a little while.

...has Duo slept at all? Faranth only knew he didn't get enough as it was. It made for a good watch rider, yes, but the amount of sleep he didn't get was never healthy. And she knew he'd been on watch tonight...last night...whichever it was, so--

Rakorth says he went to bed an hour ago. Rakorth is still here, though. Best clutch mate ever.

Only as long as he does what you ask... Riza thought wryly, and indeed, she could see the form of the blue, bright even against the night sky, perched on the highest point of the half-cavern that formed their pseudo-Hatching Sands-- Not pseudo, real. My Hatching Sands. -- watching with half-lidded eyes what was going on in the sanctuary below.

The problem with it being such a sanctuary, of course, was that it wasn't the easiest to get to. Though the tide was low, the rock path visible, it was still wet and slick so soon had the tide since gone out...and Riza had found herself caring rather a great deal more about her personal safety than usual, as of late.

Thankfully, the blue dragon wasn't only obliging to his queen, and with a rumble of amusement and a brightening of his gaze [far, far too much like Duo's, those mischievous, knowing eyes], Rakorth detached himself from the top of the sea cave, and Riza was eternally thankful for the tail that was extended across the large sea creek that broke the island apart as it did, able to grip it once on the third rock and thus make her way across far more safely than she otherwise might have.

You're welcome, he says.

Yes, tell him I said thanks, smart ass.

Maurynneth's snort in response was as much physical as it was mental, for Riza was finally able to enter the sea cavern turned Hatching Grounds. She didn't bother retorting though once in was difficult to stay annoyed anyway, with the prize of her labours in sight. Glowing, some still damp, almost seeming to pulse in the dim light, the eggs so far laid were scattered about the sands for the moment, the result of Maurynneth's restless labours as she'd paced about in her determined discomfort, though the immense Queen was now settled for the time being across from her. Nearest to where she could get the sea breeze from the large opening halfway up the wall, clever girl, and Riza minced and padded her way carefully across, keeping to the edges so as not to burn her feet, counting as she went what was there so far.

One, two, three, four, five, six, gold--

The sound she made once that had sunk into her sleepy mind wasn't quite a squeal, but it came close.

Riza looked between her Queen, then the egg a golden wing hovered protectively over, then back at Maurynneth again.

You thought I was bothering you for no good reason. There was a pout in the gold's tones, but ultimately, it was overshadowed by a cheerful sort of smugness,  though the rumble that followed was one of amused pleasure when her poor, foot-bouncing rider made her way to her side, grabbing her dragon's muzzle to kiss it firmly before making her way more carefully to where the gold egg laid.

It was, up close, clearly the most recent addition, and Riza was almost afraid to touch it. So precious, and not as common as the common folk would have you think, the last thing it needed to be was hurt.

You may. She is far stronger already than you think. The gold's nose nudged her back in gentle play. I keep telling you your hatchling would be the same, and you would be easier, if you laid it as I do.

It doesn't work like...oh, you silly, clever thing. Don't tease. Riza sighed and leaned back against the proffered broad nose, closing her eyes. Even as she swallowed though, reprimanded her wicked, taunting lifemate, the ache in her back lessened significantly with the support, and tired or not, the grin was white and seemed fixed permanently on her face in the dark.


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